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Photos of my 10×10

October 22, 2010

I was asked to provide a couple of snapshots of my 9m2 (approximately 10’x10′) chambre de bonne (maid’s room).


10x10 in Paris - The View



10x10 in Paris - Kitchenette



10x10 in Paris - My Bed



10x10 in Paris - Choufleurs


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  1. Colette Check permalink
    November 6, 2010 3:19 am

    Hi Christi!!!

    I am so glad I found you! My name is Colette Check and if you recall my husband and I accompanied you from CDG on September 30th when we were celebrating 10 days in Paris for our 35th Anniversary. We had a marvelous stay at the Hotel Lotti on the Rue de Rivoli and I too dream about returning. It was such a relaxing holiday and we loved our hotel, the great location, fabulous restaurants and just EVERYTHING about this marvelous city. I am GREEN with envy to think that you have the fabulous opportunity to actually live and experience this great city.

    My husband had an international recruiting business for 22 years and we had the opportunity to travel the globe–literally. I think we’ve been to most European countries plus Singapore, and Toyko. But Paris outshines all of them…I think Prague runs a close second.

    Are you settled in? I read about your haircut! Good for you. A month has passed and I am sure you are getting accustomed to your surroundings—how about the shuttle driver who carried your packages up to your apartment??? He was ticked pink when he came back to us in the van—He thought you were very cute!!!

    Please write back to I want to hear all about your adventures, you lucky gal! Good luck.


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