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What I Did in Paris on Thanksgiving Day….

November 26, 2010

Revised…too many typos!

It’s 00:59 on “Black Friday.” I just returned from an impromptu meal with the the mayor of the lower part of Montmarte. His official title is “le maire du bas Montmartre.”

My day started out with writing postcards and letters, calling friends and family and then I babysat for my host family, Cynthia & Remi. They have two delightful daughters Margaux and Lilianna.

While I babysat, I did my laundry (a perk) and on my way home with my bag of clean clothes I stopped at my favorite neighborhood Italian cucina, Tentanzioni.

The owner, Bruno, and his family greeted me warmly and introduced me to Guido Fiorentino, mayor of Montmartre (the lower part of it or so I think). I sat and had a glass of red wine. I did not plan to eat. Bruno suggested the potiron (winter squash) soup. It was finished with a little bit of virgin olive oil, the perfect dish for my impromptu Thanksgiving meal.

I am a planner and what I am discovering about myself in Paris is that no expectations brings forth gratitude and the most beautiful moments. I experience this daily.

He spoke mostly French to me because I requested it and told me about his life and that he lived in Montmartre since he was 7 (he is now 58). He said the Montmartre that he grew up with is dead.

He said he lives his life simply and without pretension. The impromptu Thanksgiving meal we shared together was a simple gift.

I feel close to humanity and perhaps it is because I am allowing myself to listen and be present.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!


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  1. John Lerchen permalink
    November 26, 2010 4:47 pm

    Christi, your last comment “I feel close to humanity and perhaps it is because I am allowing myself to listen and be present.” brought to mind a book I am reading you may enjoy. It addresses precisely what you refer to in your blog. The title is “The Not So Big Life. Making room for what really matters” by Sarah Susanka. You might enjoy it.

    Have a wonderful evening.


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