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Photos of my 10×10

October 22, 2010

I was asked to provide a couple of snapshots of my 9m2 (approximately 10’x10′) chambre de bonne (maid’s room).


10x10 in Paris - The View



10x10 in Paris - Kitchenette



10x10 in Paris - My Bed



10x10 in Paris - Choufleurs


Launching 10×10 in Paris on 10.10.10

October 10, 2010

Greetings, it is 11:24 pm and I have exactly 35 minutes to publish my first post before a new day begins. I arrived in Paris on 1.10.10 from Indy.

This journey started back in June when I resigned from my position at RJE Business Interiors.  Actually it goes back to 1986, but I’ll explain this later.

I related to U2’s “I Still  Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For.” This is my third trip to Paris within 3 years.  I felt a calling to be here but my ego has fought it.

After working professionally for 22 years, I gave up my position as a business development person and attended Middlebury College Language School this summer for 7 weeks in a French immersion program.  I have mixed emotions of my time at Middlebury because I wanted to be “better” instead of just be.

So now I am here thanks to so many friends who helped get through Middlebury and encouraged me to take the leap of faith. Merci beaucoup mes chers amis.

The title of my blog is the approximate size of my new home in Paris a 10×10 (9M2). Thanks to my dear friend MB and her childhood friend Cynthia, I have a home.  It’s Providence and as my Daddy says “perfect for my beginning in Paris.”

I am new to blogging, so here it goes.